Mar 24 2003

Graham Secures $244 Million for CIPC at SPAWAR

Floor Amendment Adds Additional $8 Million

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham announced today the inclusion of an additional $8 million in funding in the 2004 Defense Authorization Act for the Consolidated Infrastructure Protection Center (CIPC) at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) in Charleston, South Carolina. The additional $8 million, secured by Graham in an amendment offered on the floor of the Senate earlier today, brings total authorized funding for CIPC to $244 million. The objective of the center is to implement a virtual network of engineering services linking various government and private sector engineering service training centers and universities including the Medical University of South Carolina, the University of South Carolina, South Carolina State, Clemson, and the College of Charleston. The network will allow the entire community to share test facilities, simulations, data bases, and other resources. “I’m pleased the Senate saw fit to include the additional funding for this important program,” said Graham. “The CIPC program at SPAWAR will benefit our military and research universities. SPAWAR has assets that no other facility in the world has, assets that must be protected and expanded” The Senate is expected to approve the defense authorization legislation later today.