Jan 31 2020

Graham: The Sooner This Trial is Over, The Better

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement following the Senate vote on whether to call additional witnesses at the impeachment trial.

“I’m very pleased the Senate has rejected Democrats’ request to call additional witnesses after the House chose not to. 

“As I have stated, this is not an impeachable offense and the witnesses sought by the House managers were available to them in the House.  Their testimony would not change the fact that this is a non-impeachable offense and not the kind of event the Founding Fathers had in mind when it comes to removing a president and preventing them from running for reelection. 

“The fact is the House chose not to call witnesses like John Bolton because they wanted to impeach President Trump before the election.  It has nothing to do with finding the truth. 

“This has been a partisan impeachment from day one – terrible on process and dangerous on substance.  It rings hollow for Adam Schiff to talk about wanting a fair process.

“Finally, the sooner this trial is over, the better for the American people.”