Dec 10 2019

Graham on House Articles of Impeachment

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement in reaction to the House of Representatives’ introduction of two articles of impeachment.

“The people who are guilty of ‘Abuse of Power’ are the House Democrats who are pushing impeachment, not President Trump. 

“The desire to impeach President Trump began the day he was sworn in as president.  The fix was in.

“This will be the first impeachment in American history driven by partisan politics and not an outside investigation.  I fear House Democrats are turning impeachment into a tool to be used when you don’t like a president’s policies or style.  Future Congresses will inevitably make impeachment a political tool to be used anytime a President of the opposing party occupies the White House. 

“No American would receive a parking ticket under the process House Democrats have employed, much less be impeached.  House Democrats used an anonymous source to start the process and even after hearings, almost ninety percent of the testimony from the House would be classified as hearsay.  They refused to allow House Republicans to call witnesses, the President’s counsel was not allowed to participate in the House Intelligence Committee hearings, and much of the investigation was done behind closed doors away from the eyes and ears of the American people.   

“President Trump and his team made the correct call by not participating in what can only be called a sham process.  To have done so would have legitimized it and created a threat to future presidents. 

“Finally, what the Democrats seem intent on doing in this partisan impeachment threatens the office of the presidency itself.  This is a sad and dangerous moment for the American political system.”