May 13 2005

Graham Statement on BRAC

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made the following statement on the BRAC realignment and closure process. Among South Carolina military installations: Fort Jackson Gain Net 615 Positions Added 435 Military / 180 Civilian Marine Air Corps Station Beaufort Gain Net 12 Positions Added 12 Civilian McEntire Air National Guard Station Gain Net 426 Positions Added 418 Military / 8 Civilian Naval Weapons Stations Charleston Realigned Net 250 Positions Lost Lost: 170 Military / 149 Civilian Gained: 45 Military / 24 Civilian Shaw Air Force Base Gain 817 Positions Added Lost: 74 Military / 1 Civilian Gained: 816 Military / 76 Civilian Defense Financing and Accounting Service, Charleston Closed Net 368 Positions Lost 368 Civilian South Naval Facilities Engineering Command Closed 543 Positions Lost Lost: 6 Military / 492 Civilian / 45 Mission Contractor “Overall, South Carolina flourished during this round of BRAC because we have supportive communities and the missions being preformed at installations in our state are indispensable to the War on Terror. As this round of BRAC proves, our state represents growth potential for the Department of Defense. “While it was unfortunate that we did lose some positions, our footprint actually increased. I’m pleased with the outcome of the first step in the BRAC process. I believe this successful outcome is the direct result of collaboration between local, state, and federal officials. “I always thought we had a great story to tell and a lot to offer. Today’s round of BRAC shows the Department of Defense believes the same. We must not rest though as this is only one step in a long process. Until this is finished, we must not let our guard down.” ##### Notes on Today’s BRAC Announcement and South Carolina:
  • Charleston, which has 368 positions slated for closure at the Defense Finance Accounting Services (DFAS), joined a long list of states seeing these facilities on the DOD list. Altogether, states show 3,473 positions slated for elimination in DFAS under BRAC. Among the states losing: California with 471 positions, Florida 209, Kentucky 45, Maine 241, Maryland 53, Missouri 906, New York 290, and Ohio 1,258. Indiana appears to be the only state to buck the trend gaining 100 positions.
  • Fort Jackson in Columbia will now be the location where all Army drill sergeants will be trained.
  • Fort Jackson will also be the location where all chaplains in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force will be trained.
  • Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter will become a joint facility with the addition of an Army 3-star General and staff who will be headquartered there.
  • McEntire Air National Guard Station in Eastover will gain 9 of some of the most advanced F-16 fighters.