Jul 28 2005

Highway Bill Delivers over $21 Million to 3rd District

Barrett, Graham, DeMint Help Secure Needed Funds

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, U.S. Congressman Gresham Barrett (R-S.C.) joined U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C) and Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) in announcing over $21 million in the House-Senate highway conference report to fund road projects in the Third Congressional District of South Carolina. The surface transportation bill provides $286.4 billion in federal highway contract authority between 2004 and 2009, and is expected to pass the Senate and the House later this week. President Bush is expected to sign the legislation soon after. "I appreciate Senator DeMint's efforts as a conferee to help secure funding for these projects," said Congressman Barrett. "This funding will go a long way toward improving the transportation infrastructure and safety of roadways and bridges throughout the Third District. Additionally, I thank Senator Graham for his continued dedication to the people of the Third District." "The highway bill is very good news for motorists in South Carolina," said Senator Graham. "As a state, we were able to secure a more equitable funding formula which will put additional dollars toward our road system. It truly moves the ball forward in our efforts to build new roads while maintaining and improving the ones we currently have. I truly appreciate Gresham's work in the House helping ensure our needs were met and interests were protected." "The funding for these projects will improve our infrastructure and make South Carolina more competitive while also improving safety and our quality of life," said Senator DeMint. "I sincerely appreciate Gresham's hard work in securing these funds, as he fought to make sure the Third District's priorities were given attention. I also want to personally thank Lindsey for his leadership and help to ensure South Carolina was treated fairly throughout this process." Notable Funding for Third District Projects: Palmetto Parkway, Aiken- $11,600,000 Replace Milford Rd Bridge, Anderson- $400,000 Replace Murphy Rd West, Anderson- $188,000 Replace Murphy Rd East Bridge, Anderson- $212,000 Extension of Wells Highway, Oconee- $3,600,000 Interchange at I-385 and SC-14, Laurens- $3,760,000 Frontage Rd, Laurens- $2,240,000 ####