Mar 20 2018

Graham: U.S. Must Firmly Push Back On Russian Aggression

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on the phone call between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

“If White House reports are accurate, President Trump missed an important opportunity to mention the attempted murder of a former Soviet agent and his daughter in Britain or Russia’s continuing attacks on our elections during a phone call with Vladimir Putin.

“Our allies in Britain are counting on the United States to be in their corner when it comes to pushing back firmly against Russia’s outrageous conduct. This chemical attack has put dozens of people’s lives at risk and violates every legal norm in the civilized world.

“The White House should expel Russian diplomats and agents from the United States in retaliation for the recent attacks in Britain. I hope the administration will take decisive action not only to let Great Britain know we’re in their corner, but to also let the Russians know this kind of behavior will not be tolerated by the international community.

“The choice to send a clear signal to Russia is a defining moment for the President and his team. Anything short of expelling Russian diplomats and agents will be seen by the Russians as a sign of weakness – and by our allies in Europe as an American retreat in the face of Russian aggression.”