Feb 15 2007

Graham Statement on Scheduled Iraq Cloture Vote

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) made this statement on plans by Majority Leader Harry Reid to schedule a vote on the Democratic Iraq resolution this weekend. Reid today said he plans for the Senate to stay in session through the weekend and maybe into next week to debate the resolution currently under debate in the House of Representatives. The Democratic resolution opposes General Petraeus's new strategy in Iraq. Earlier this month the Senate was scheduled to vote on a Democratic resolution opposing the troop surge but Democrats, unwilling to allow the Republicans to offer an alternative resolution, could not garner 60 votes to bring debate to a close. Graham said: "I will do everything in my power to ensure the House resolution dies an inglorious death in the Senate. "The resolution will be seen by our enemies around the world as a weakening of our resolve. It will embolden our enemy to defeat us in Iraq and drive us from the Middle East. It is also not remotely helpful to the war effort or our troops in the field. "These non-binding resolutions are political theatre at its worst. Our troops deserve and expect us to rise to the occasion. Instead, we have a case of congress acting in a small political fashion during a momentous time in our history. Our actions will play a decisive role in shaping our national security today and for decades to come. "Any effort by Majority Leader Reid to deny the Senate a full and fair debate and a series of votes on Iraq will be met by staunch resistance from many Republicans. There should be no more business in the U.S. Senate until we fully and fairly debate this new effort to secure victory in Iraq. The American people expect and deserve no less." #####