Jun 29 2020

Graham Strongly Opposes DC Statehood

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today said he strongly opposes and would vote against efforts to make the District of Columbia a state.

On Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation with a vote of 232-180 granting statehood to Washington, DC. The vote marked the first time in American history that either chamber of Congress had passed legislation to elevate DC to a state and provide its residents with two voting members in the United States Senate.

“This effort, on its face, is unconstitutional and contrary to the Founding Fathers desires,” said Graham, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “The District of Columbia was established as a neutral venue to conduct the affairs of the nation. It was not set up to be an independent state and should not be one today. 

“This is a brazen power grab by the Democratic Party to change the makeup of Congress in a manner that is detrimental to South Carolina and every other state,” continued Graham. “It’s truly a shame Democrats in Washington are trying to corrupt the very construct of our nation for raw political purposes. At its core this is about trying to add two more Democratic votes in the U.S. Senate, effectively cancelling out the votes of a state like South Carolina with two Republican Senators. This effort must be defeated and I will fight against it with all my might.”

Among the South Carolina congressional delegation, 1st District Congressman Joe Cunningham and 6th District Congressman Jim Clyburn voted in support of DC Statehood.

2nd District Representative Joe Wilson, 4th District Representative William Timmons, 5th District Representative Ralph Norman, and 7th District Representative Tom Rice voted against DC Statehood.