Feb 13 2018

Graham: Susan Rice's 'Odd And Disturbing' Email Creates More Questions

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) spoke with Fox News regarding a recent discovery that Susan Rice sent an email to herself on President Trump’s Inauguration Day. 

Background: Grassley, Graham Uncover ‘Unusual Email’ Sent By Susan Rice To Herself On President Trump’s Inauguration Day

  • GRAHAM: “I think that it’s [Susan Rice’s email to herself] odd and disturbing, because we know that the investigation regarding the Trump campaign was anything but ‘by the book’.” https://youtu.be/kt1Cm_1rU_E?t=1m56s
  • GRAHAM: “The question is, did President [Obama] know anything about the FISA warrant application? Did Susan Rice know that the warrant application included… a dossier that was political in nature? And that Mr. Steele hated candidate Trump and was trying to do everything he could to beat him? That’s not exactly ‘by the book’.” https://youtu.be/kt1Cm_1rU_E?t=2m46s
  • GRAHAM: “I mean, it’s the oddest thing in the world to send an email to yourself on inauguration day about a conversation held on January 5th, where President [Obama] tells the law enforcement community and the intel community, now when you look at this Russian stuff, you need to do it by the book… Why should he [President Obama] have to say that to begin with?”  https://youtu.be/kt1Cm_1rU_E?t=3m55s
  • GRAHAM: “What did Comey say when President [Obama] allegedly told him, I want you to do it by the book? Do you think Comey mentioned to the President that the chief source of information regarding a FISA warrant on Carter Page came from a paid operative from the Democratic Party?” https://youtu.be/kt1Cm_1rU_E?t=5m13s