May 17 2017

Graham: I Will Follow The Facts - Wherever They May Lead

 WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement. 

“I do not believe in trial by newspaper article or investigations based on anonymous sources. 
“However, it is important that Congress call the former FBI Director James Comey before the Judiciary Committee to obtain a full understanding of what President Trump may or may not have done regarding the Russian investigation, including General Michael Flynn. 
“I’m hopeful we can reach agreement in a bipartisan fashion on how to move forward in a professional manner.  The country deserves answers to the questions raised and former Director Comey deserves an opportunity to be heard and if appropriate, challenged. 
“The sooner Mr. Comey testifies publicly before the Judiciary Committee, the better for our nation.  For all practical purposes the political process will be ground to a halt by these allegations. 
“It is imperative we move forward on this matter in a professional and serious manner. 
“I will not continue to speculate on press reports.  I intend to spend my time and energy creating a process that will allow us to get to the truth.  I will follow the facts – wherever they may lead.”