Nov 04 2004

South Carolina to Host International Dignitaries from Around the Globe

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), along with the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, will host the 2004 Ambassadors Tour. “We want to showcase the business opportunities South Carolina has to offer to the world,” said Graham. “The tour is a great opportunity to build relationships which can be beneficial in the coming years.” Graham worked with economic development leaders to put together the event which begins on Monday. High-level dignitaries from countries in the Americas, Europe, and Middle East plan to attend the five-day event which begins in Myrtle Beach and continues through Charleston, Columbia, Greenville and other areas of the state. Leaders from the state’s economic development alliances including South Carolina Department of Commerce, Central South Carolina Alliance, Charleston Regional Development Alliance, Upstate Alliance and the South Carolina Export Consortium will participate. “The tour will showcase our state’s diverse cultural, recreational and economic offerings,” said Graham. “By promoting South Carolina, we hope to extend our reach into countries that have shown real interest in expanding or building their businesses here.” The tour kicks off in Myrtle Beach with a discussion of tourism and the international trade center. The dignitaries will then travel to Charleston with a visit to the port as well as experience the historical and cultural significance the city has had on the national stage. The groups also travel to the Midlands and the Upstate region with stops planned for the University of South Carolina, the State House, Clemson University, Greenville as well as tours of South Carolina’s leading businesses and manufacturers. “This is an opportunity for other countries to reach out and explore possibilities for successful business endeavors in South Carolina and an opportunity for our businesses to showcase their goods and services,” said Graham. “We’re hopeful we’ll be able to forge long-term relationships which will be beneficial to all.” #####