Feb 09 2018

Graham: Budget Agreement Shows We're Finally Listening To Military Commanders

WASHINGTON – Last night, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) spoke on the Senate floor about the importance of rebuilding the military and passing the budget agreement. 

  • GRAHAM: “This is what [Secretary of Defense] General Mattis says: ‘Let me be clear. As hard as the last sixteen years of war have been on our military, no enemy in the field has done as much harm to the readiness of the U.S. military than the combined impact of the Budget Control Act, defense spending caps, worsened by operating for ten of the last eleven years under continuing resolutions of varied and unpredictable duration.’” https://youtu.be/BgsVSmX_kzw?t=1m26s
  • GRAHAM: “To the members of the body: …While I respect how you vote, I just don’t know how you go to the military and explain your vote, if you vote no [on this budget agreement]. How do you tell those in uniform, who are getting by under incredibly difficult conditions because they don’t have the money to train and be ready? They’re in a hot war. What do you tell them?” https://youtu.be/BgsVSmX_kzw?t=8m7s