Jun 08 2018

Graham On MOX Decision

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) made this statement.

“Having the federal court stop the Department of Energy (DOE) from terminating the MOX program is great news for South Carolina.  It came about as the result of outstanding advocacy by Attorney General Alan Wilson and his terrific legal team.  He was a real champion — standing up for South Carolina interests —in battling an out of control DOE.  I very much appreciate his strong advocacy and leadership to stop DOE from terminating the MOX program in such a haphazard fashion.  This ruling is a big win for Savannah River Site, the people of South Carolina, and the Rule of Law.

“DOE’s decision to terminate MOX will be a case study in arbitrary and capricious decision making by the federal government.  Yesterday’s decision will allow the congressional delegation, working with President Trump, to stop this madness and ensure South Carolina is not left holding the bag.”



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