May 24 2006

Graham Statement on Senate Cloture Vote on Immigration

WASHINTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made the following statement on the cloture vote on immigration. The 73-25 vote moves immigration reform toward final Senate passage. He also commented on the immigration reform proposal made by Congressman Pence. Graham said: “The overwhelming bipartisan vote for cloture ensures final passage will occur and immigration reform will not be filibustered. It’s a validation the process was fair to all. Senator Frist and Reid deserve great credit for designing a process that allowed sincere and honest debate on immigration reform to occur. Bipartisanship was the big winner. “The overwhelming vote is in-line with the American peoples desire to find a comprehensive solution to the problem. It’s also a rejection of a small minority who believe inaction is an appropriate response. “President Bush also deserves credit for pushing the Senate forward to address this important issue. President Bush’s advocating the need to have a comprehensive solution has been well-received. Those who believe it is better to do nothing are misjudging the desire of the American people who want better border security, employer enforcement and a way to deal with the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already in the United States. “Looking ahead, I’m also very encouraged by the constructive proposals being made by conservative leaders in the House of Representatives like Congressman Pence. I believe many Republicans in the House understand it is time to comprehensively address this problem. After the Senate completes work on its bill, I look forward to working with the House to comprehensively address this important issue.” #####