Sep 13 2022

Graham: We Cannot Abandon The Unborn

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made the following statement in response to Andrew McCarthy’s “Confession of Error on My Abortion Post” analysis of the Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late-Term Abortions Act.

“I’ve known Andy McCarthy for years. He’s a strong conservative voice on many issues, including national security matters. While we’ve had our disagreements, I’ve always respected his point of view. I have never respected Andy more than I do now.

“Andy took time to actually read the legislation and better understand what we’re trying to accomplish, and I hope others follow suit.

“The legislation we introduced today, with the support of America’s leading pro-life groups, is designed to create a minimum standard in America when it comes to the unborn.

“I agree that abortion is now in the hands of the states, but it does not mean that Washington is closed for business when it comes to protecting the unborn. While I’m a strong believer in the Tenth Amendment, many abuses have been justified under the guise of states’ rights. I do not believe completely abandoning the unborn under the guise of states’ rights serves the conservative cause or makes us a better nation.

“The radical Left recently pushed legislation in Washington – supported by nearly every Democrat – that will allow abortion up until the point of birth. Their legislation is well outside the mainstream of the world, and I have been working with pro-life groups to produce an alternative.

“The Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late-Term Abortions Act is a rational, scientifically sound answer to this emotional issue.

“The legislation I introduced is in the mainstream of the developed world. 47 out of 50 European nations have abortion restrictions more protective than 15 weeks. France, Denmark, and Norway are at 12 weeks. Germany, Spain, and Belgium are 14 weeks. There are only 7 nations that allow abortion on demand up until the point of birth – North Korea and China among them.

“I believe the Republican party should be the party of respecting the Tenth Amendment – but we’re also a nation greater than the sum of its parts. A great nation should not allow procedures – in any state – that will result in the dismemberment of a 15 week developed child unless there were extraordinary circumstances.

“My bill explicitly says it will not preempt states that have more restrictive proposals on abortion.

“We know from medical science that babies feel pain because their nerve endings are developed by 15 weeks. That is why health care professionals administer anesthesia when operating on a baby at 15 weeks.

“It seems to me that prohibiting the dismemberment of a child at this point in time is the right answer for a great nation and places us in the mainstream of developed nations.

“Finally, I appreciate Andy’s second look at the bill and look forward to working with him and others as we address the proper role of not only government but society when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable among us – the unborn.”