Mar 22 2018

Graham Statement On China Tariffs

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today issued this statement on the Trump administration’s new effort to address China’s unfair practices that are hurting American workers.

“I’m very pleased and supportive of President Trump’s efforts to push back against China’s intellectual property theft, dumping, and other unfair trade practices.  This pushback by President Trump is long overdue as a nation.

“I want to congratulate him for carrying out yet another campaign promise to push back against China for their unfair trade practices.  If we continue this policy, China will over time change the way they do business which will be a Godsend for the American worker.

“It’s important we separate how we treat the Chinese – whose unfair and illegal trading practices have cost our nation jobs – versus our allies who trade and play by the rules.  The Chinese are in a class by themselves and should be treated as such.”