Apr 15 2021

Graham on Court-Packing

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on proposed legislation in the House of Representatives that would allow for expansion of the Supreme Court.

“Expanding the Supreme Court is a terrible idea. I strongly oppose this proposal and will vote against it should it come up for a vote.

“I cannot say it better than two members of the liberal bloc on the Court, Justice Ginsberg and Justice Breyer: changing the number of justices on the Court does tremendous damage to the Court itself.

“Those pushing this idea are among the most liberal in the entire Congress.

“They are trying to dilute the conservative majority of the Court by implementing the radical policy of Court-packing.  If successful, this would inevitably lead to changing the number of Supreme Court Justices every time there is a shift in power. Over time that would surely make the Supreme Court a political football, destroying its effectiveness and independence.

“It’s why I and so many others strongly oppose this most radical, destabilizing idea for the Rule of Law in America.”