Feb 13 2017

Graham: Gorsuch Will Get More Than 60 Votes

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) reaffirmed his confidence in Judge Neil Gorsuch’s chances for confirmation to the Supreme Court on Sunday with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

  • BARTIROMO: “Now of course, [Democrats] are threatening not to [confirm] Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. They’re refusing to vote for him just to get back at Donald Trump and the Republicans for not taking Merrick Garland seriously.”
  • GRAHAM: “…Gorsuch will get 60 votes. There are enough Democrats on Capitol Hill who have a political need to seem reasonable, whether they want to be or not. Trump won their states. We need 60 votes to move to final confirmation of Judge Gorsuch. I believe we’ll get more than 60 votes in his case because he’s so well-qualified. I’m not worried about his nomination at all.” https://youtu.be/YrU8WA04UJU?t=1m56s
  • BARTIROMO: “How will [Gorsuch’s] presence on the Court change the Supreme Court?”
  • GRAHAM: “I think we’ll have somebody like Scalia. He’s a man of the law. He’s one of the most qualified people to ever be nominated for the Supreme Court. He’s clearly conservative… I think you’ll see a continuation of… what you got with Justice Scalia.” https://youtu.be/YrU8WA04UJU?t=2m36s
  • GRAHAM: “Well, [the Democrats] lost the election – they’re in the process of losing their mind. The bottom line is the left has gone nuts. They can’t understand why they lost. They want to attack Trump at every stage. You see the emergence of a Tea Party-type movement on the left. And I can tell you this, there are some Democratic senators who are in Trump states that if they follow the lead of the radical left they’re going to lose their jobs.” https://youtu.be/YrU8WA04UJU?t=3m14s