Apr 26 2012

Graham Pleased SRS Fully Funded in Senate

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today said he was pleased the Savannah River Site is in line to receive full funding in the Senate version of the Fiscal Year 2013 Energy and Water (E&W) Appropriations Act which passed the Senate Appropriations Committee today.  Graham is a member of the committee and voted in support of the appropriations bill which passed 28-1.

“With this bill, the federal government lives up to the commitments it has made to the state of South Carolina when it comes to cleanup and new missions at the Site,” said Graham.  “I’m very pleased with the work of the committee and appreciate my colleagues in recognizing and rewarding the hard work done at SRS.  We are operating under the spending limits agreed to under the Budget Control Act and this bill fits within those limited spending restraints.”

Among the major Site highlights of the legislation:

  • Overall funding for the Site is approximately $1.7 billion;
  • The MOX program will receive $388.8 million; 
  • Site Risk Management Operations will receive $444 million;
  • Radioactive tank cleanup will receive $698 million including $22 million for Salt Waste Processing facility (SWPF);
  • The Site’s community and regulatory support programs are funded at $16 million.

“The MOX program, which turns weapons grade plutonium into nuclear fuel is the ultimate example of turning swords into plowshares,” said Graham  “This spending plan makes clear that the Senate remains committed to the MOX program and understands the importance of this project to our national security.”

Graham noted that last week the House Appropriations Committee reported a similar piece of legislation which reduced funding for the Plutonium Disposition Program (MOX) by $124 million.