Aug 25 2021

Graham: Biden Has Signed Death Warrant For Thousands

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) discussed the latest updates on the crisis in Afghanistan with Sean Hannity.  

  • GRAHAM: “It’s the most dishonorable thing a Commander-in-Chief has done in modern times. What he has said today is that he is going to leave the 31st of August because the Taliban told him he had to get out. There's no way in hell we get all the American citizens out, we're going to leave thousands of Afghans who fought along our side behind, and we're setting the table for the rise of al-Qaeda and ISIS to attack us down the road. The ISIS fighters have doubled in the last 10 days. The jailbreak led to thousands of ISIS fighters in jail now on the battlefield. So what I'm telling you is it is over. President Biden has signed the death warrant for thousands of Afghans who helped us. He's washing his hands of Afghanistan at our peril as a nation.”
  • GRAHAM: “Biden made a political decision to get all the troops out by September 11th. He didn't care about those who helped us. He didn't think through how to get the American citizens out first. He had a political goal, and when the Taliban were advancing, he didn't realize this puts everything into a chaotic environment. As to what to do next: it’s over. It is over. Joe Biden has made up his mind, he's capitulated to the Taliban…we’ve now left thousands of people behind, and we're setting the stage for another 9/11. Joe Biden created a perfect storm to abandon those who helped us and create another 9/11 for this country.”
  • GRAHAM: “[President Biden] should be impeached. This is dereliction of duty by the Commander-in-Chief. This makes it harder to fight future wars. Who's going to help us in the future after we abandon our friends in Afghanistan who fought bravely? The likelihood of a 9/11 is through the roof now because al-Qaeda and ISIS are coming after us. If you believe we left Afghanistan and we've ended the war between the U.S. and radical Islam, you're a fool. They're coming after us, and Joe Biden has left us naked and blind in Afghanistan.”

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