Jan 10 2017

Graham Enthusiastically Supports Sessions For Attorney General

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today questioned Attorney General Nominee U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

  • GRAHAM: “I want to let the good people of Alabama know that in terms of their Senator, Jeff Sessions, he is a fine man. An outstanding fellow… who I’ve traveled the world with. I’ve gotten to know him and his family, and I will enthusiastically support [him] for the next Attorney General of the United States.” https://youtu.be/DmuwKhRUvh4?t=1m

  • GRAHAM: “Are you aware of the fact that the FBI has concluded it was the Russian intelligence services who hacked into the DNC and Podesta’s emails?”
  • SESSIONS: “I do understand that. At least that’s what’s been reported and I’ve not been briefed by [the FBI] on the subject.”
  • GRAHAM: “From your point of view, there’s no reason for us to be suspicious of [the FBI]?”
  • SESSIONS: “The decision? I’m sure it was honorably reached.”
  • GRAHAM: “How do you feel about a foreign entity trying to interfere into our election? I’m not saying [the Russians] changed the outcome, but it’s pretty clear to me that they [interfered into our election]. How do you feel about [the interference] and what should we do?”
  • SESSIONS: “Senator Graham, I think it’s a significant event when we have penetration, apparently, throughout our government by foreign entities.” https://youtu.be/DmuwKhRUvh4?t=8m21s

  • GRAHAM: “As you know, me and the President-elect have had our differences about religious tests. Would you support a law that says you can’t come to America because you’re a Muslim?”
  • SESSIONS: “No.”
  • GRAHAM: “Would you support a law that says that if you’re a Muslim, you say you’re a Muslim, and when we ask you what does that mean to you,[ you say,] ‘well that means I’ve got to kill everyone that’s different from me.’ Is it okay to say [these radical individuals] can’t come [into America]?”
  • SESSIONS: “I think that would be a prudent decision.”
  • GRAHAM: “I hope we can keep people out of the country who want to kill everybody because of their religion. I hope we’re smart enough to know that’s not what most people in the Muslim faith believe.” https://youtu.be/DmuwKhRUvh4?t=2m29s