Oct 21 2021

Graham On Brazilian Efforts To Combat Illegal Immigration

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) made the following statement following a meeting with Brazilian Ambassador to the United States Nestor Forster.

“I had a constructive meeting with the Brazilian Ambassador to the United States yesterday regarding America’s broken immigration system.

“This year, over 46,000 Brazilians have been apprehended without U.S. visas, mostly in the Yuma sector of the Arizona border, which I visited last week. It is a serious problem that must be more forcefully addressed by both countries.

“I was pleased to learn the Brazilian government has a campaign to inform their citizens not to come to the U.S. without a visa. The Brazilian government is in discussions with the U.S. on increasing repatriation flights of Brazilian citizens apprehended by U.S. authorities. I believe that with more aggressive and visible repatriation flights, the Brazilian government’s message of not coming to the United States without a visa will be reinforced.

“I am hopeful that the Brazilian government, working with the United States, will redouble its efforts to stop the flow of illegal immigration from Brazil. Illegal immigration presents a problem for both of our nations.

“I will also pass along Brazil’s concerns on the humanitarian front to the appropriate U.S. authorities.

“Finally, I look forward to a significant increase in repatriation flights to Brazil that will act as a deterrent to illegal immigration in the future.

“Brazil has been a good ally and an important partner in the region. Brazil and the United States working together to correct this immigration problem will strengthen and protect the long-standing relationship between our two countries.”