Mar 26 2018

ICYMI: Graham Talks John Bolton, Taylor Force Act And More On Fox News

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) spoke with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday about John Bolton, the Taylor Force Act becoming law and more.

On John Bolton:

  • GRAHAM: “John Bolton sees North Korea for the threat they are... John Bolton has been the biggest critic of the Iran Deal. It’s a terrible deal. So I am very pleased with John Bolton as the National Security Adviser to President Trump. It’s going to make the world safer.”

On the Taylor Force Act becoming law:

  • GRAHAM: “[With the passage of the Taylor Force Act] American tax dollars will no longer be given to the Palestinian Authority until they change their laws rewarding their young people for killing Jews and Americans.”
  • GRAHAM: “This is probably the biggest change in twenty years in terms of how the American government relates to the Palestinians and it’s long overdue.”

On calls for a second special counsel:

  • GRAHAM: “I want more information. I want to be able to prove that the FBI investigation of the Clinton email scandal was a sham. That the lead investigator… hated Trump, [was] supportive of Clinton. They whitewashed the email scandal.”
  • GRAHAM: “When it comes to the dossier that was used by the Department of Justice to get a warrant against Carter Page, it was prepared by a paid informant of the Democratic Party, a foreign agent with ties to Russia. It is completely unverified. And it should never have been used as a basis for a FISA warrant. And I want a special counsel to look at all of this, like Mueller is looking at Trump.”