May 02 2017

Graham On Government Funding Bill

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today spoke with CNN about government funding bill, which the Senate is expected to vote on later this week.  Graham is opposed to the measure.

He also discussed North Korea, health care reform and additional topics.

  • GRAHAM: “I think the Democrats cleaned our clock. There are things in this bill that I just don't understand. This was not winning from the Republican point of view.”
  • GRAHAM: “Well, you know there’s all kinds of ways to look at it. We got more money for the military.  I'm for comprehensive immigration reform, but sanctuary cities go untouched. Obamacare continues to be funded in a way that we all say is illegal. The bottom line here is this whole process of funding the government where you put 12 bills into one and you don't get any input, and you vote on a bill two days after you have a chance to look at it is just bad government. So I think the Republican Party’s goal for 2018 should be to bring every appropriation bill to the floor. Stand-alone [bills] rather than these giant bills. That’s the best way to correct the system.”
  • GRAHAM: “I just don’t like the process, don't like the outcome. I don't want to shut the government down, but this has got to change. This is a lousy way to run any business.”