Aug 24 2022

Graham, Blumenthal Statement on Six-Month Anniversary of Russian Invasion of Ukraine

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) today made the following statement on the six-month anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  

“It has been six months since Putin invaded Ukraine – a sovereign nation and American democratic partner.

“We were told by intelligence and military officials that this war would last a matter of days. But where are we six months later?

“In our recent visit to Ukraine, we witnessed with our own eyes the brutality of the Russian invaders and the determination of the Ukrainian people and their leaders to fight back against Putin’s unprovoked invasion.

“With the support of the American people, our Allies and other partners throughout the world, Ukraine has taken the weapons provided and fought like tigers. This has been a disaster for Putin.

“Six months after the invasion, NATO is on the verge of expanding to 32 countries, the Russian economy has been crippled, and the Russian military is breaking.

“Thanks to the help of the United States and other western allies, Ukraine is attacking Russian forces throughout their country with weapons and assistance.

“Six months later, Ukraine has been bloodied but unbowed and remains a vibrant, sovereign democratic nation. Putin is more isolated than ever, and the International Criminal Court is pressing on all fronts to hold Putin and his cronies accountable for their war crimes.  

“We remain in awe of the determination of the Ukrainian people and leadership to fight against Putin in Ukraine. On this Ukrainian Independence Day, we recognize and celebrate the freedom which Ukraine is fighting so fervently to defend and we recommit ourselves to military, economic, and humanitarian assistance to ensure Ukraine remains free.

“It is now time to deliver a decisive blow to the Putin regime by designating Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism under U.S. law. This would be a decisive blow to Putin’s economy and make it more difficult for others to come to his aid.

“The Senate unanimously adopted our resolution to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. We are hopeful that the Biden Administration and Secretary Blinken will act soon. The sooner, the better.”