May 19 2011

Graham Discusses President Obama’s Address on the Middle East and North Africa

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made these statements following President Obama’s address on the situation in the Middle East and North Africa. 

On Israel:

“I was very disappointed in the President singling out one issue in the Israeli-Palestinian efforts for peace."

“Embracing an Israel confined to the 1967 borders – even with a land swap – undermines the effort to get a comprehensive peace agreement that includes real security protections for the State of Israel." 

“There are a number of major issues that must be dealt with such as the right of return, the treatment of Jerusalem, and the ability to have buffer zones along the Jordanian border, to name a few.  By emphasizing the configuration of the border, the President made a comprehensive peace deal more difficult.  It was a mistake.” 

On Egypt:

“In many ways, the President showed deep appreciation for the Arab Spring and the potential payoffs for our own national security.  At a time when we’re broke at home, it remains important to remain engaged in the world and provide assistance to those who would live in peace with us."

“I stand ready to work with the President to do all we can to help the Egyptian people create a new path that embraces representative government, tolerance and the rule of law.  Egypt is the heart of the Arab world and if democracy can form there, it will change the region forever.” 

On Iraq and Afghanistan: 

“I will try my best to be supportive of the efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan and believe we’re making great progress in both countries.  We still face serious challenges in the weeks and months ahead but must remain committed to finishing the job.”