Aug 19 2005

Graham and DeMint Announce Nearly $450,000 in Grants for Crime Prevention and Control

WASHINGTON- U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) today announced nearly $450,000 in grants to counties and cities throughout South Carolina to support local law enforcement. Grant recipients include: Counties
  • Chester County will receive $20,363 to purchase holsters, shotguns, an evidence and property module, and other equipment.
  • Chesterfield County will receive $21,203 to purchase equipment for drug and alcohol interdiction and counter terrorism programs.
  • Clarendon County will receive $18,803 to purchase undercover surveillance equipment.
  • Georgetown County will receive $30,885 to purchase computer hardware and software.
  • Jasper County will receive $14,082 to purchase hard communications infrastructure and enhance the Mobile Data Project.
  • Kershaw County will receive $25,444 to purchase security cameras, audio/video equipment, and weapons. In addition funds will be used to provide specialized training for officers.
  • Lancaster County will receive $26,124 to update computer hardware for the patrol division, and to purchase uniforms and training equipment.
  • Oconee County will receive $23,244 to purchase radios, forensic and crime scene supplies, cameras, canine unit equipment, emergency response and personal protective equipment, tactical and surveillance equipment, and training aids.
  • Anderson will receive $24,804 to support the “Street Level Criminal Apprehension Program.”
  • Chester will receive $18,363 to purchase body armor, uniforms, and a certified trained drug dog.
  • Columbia will receive $148,784 to purchase in-car digital cameras, 800MHz radios, mobile data terminals, mobile and field based reporting software, forensic lab supplies, prison cages for patrol vehicles, computers, and printers.
  • Hartsville will receive $17,523 to purchase equipment for traffic safety and traffic enforcement including vests, cones, handheld radar units, and a speed monitor trailer.
  • Myrtle Beach will receive $46,527 to purchase a radar unit, traffic accident investigation equipment, and motorcycle communications kits.
  • York will receive $13,122 to support safety, security, and traffic control activities.
All grants were awarded through the U.S. Department of Justice’s Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program. ####