Dec 20 2023

Graham Statement On Report That China Will Take Taiwan

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on a news report that Chinese President Xi Jinping told President Biden that China will take Taiwan.


“This story as reported is beyond unnerving.


“I support the One China Policy, but I also support freedom and democracy.


“To communist China, if you think you can bully your way into destroying world order without consequences, you will be making Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine look wise.


“I will be working with Democratic and Republican Senators to do two things quickly. First, create a robust defense supplemental for Taiwan and second, draft pre-invasion sanctions from hell to impose on China if they take action to seize Taiwan. I believe there is strong bipartisan support to stand up to Chinese communist aggression.


“When it comes to communist China, it is a genocidal, thuggish regime that has broken its word in several agreements, particularly Hong Kong.


“I believe the United States Congress is firmly united and fed up with communist China’s provocations.


“Apparently China sees weakness when it comes to the United States. I can say unequivocally when it comes to communist China, both parties are united in standing up to this anti-democratic regime.


“This statement by Chinese Communist Party dictator boss Xi proves the old saying, weakness anywhere provokes aggression everywhere.”