Jul 27 2023

Graham, Warren Introduce Bill To Hold Big Tech Accountable And Put Americans Back In Control Of Their Online Data

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) today introduced legislation that would begin to level the playing field between major technology companies and American consumers when they go online.

The Digital Consumer Protection Commission Act would create a new federal commission to oversee major technology companies operating in the United States. The commission would increase consumer safety, protection and privacy, improve competition, and bolster national security. It will have the legal authority to investigate and prosecute misconduct by major technology companies when it comes to violating American’s personal data, privacy, and online activity. 

The structure, functions, and scope of the new Digital Commission would be similar to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), which currently provide oversight of radio and television outlets, and nuclear power production respectively, in the United States.

“For years I have been trying to find ways to empower consumers against Big Tech,” said Graham.  “I have heard too many stories from families who feel helpless in the face of Big Tech.  Stories about children being bullied to the point of committing suicide.  Human trafficking.  Exploitation of minors.  All the while the social media platforms look the other way.  Today, we take the first step and provide consumers with the tools they need to begin leveling the playing field.  A regulatory commission will give consumers a voice against Big Tech and the power to punish them when appropriate.  The creation of a regulatory commission to oversee Big Tech is the first step in a long journey to protect American consumers from the massive power these companies currently wield.”

“For too long, giant tech companies have exploited consumers’ data, invaded Americans’ privacy, threatened our national security, and engaged in anti-competitive practices that hurt our economy,” said Warren.  “I’m proud to introduce the Digital Consumer Protection Commission Act with Senator Graham and make clear that reining in Big Tech is a top priority on both sides of the aisle.”

“Today the world we live in is digital,” said John Pizzuro, CEO of Raven, a political organization focused on ending child exploitation in the United States. “Our children are simply not safe online. The DCPC Act will not only keep our children safer online, but it will also help safeguard everyone who lives in today's digital world.”

Fact Sheet on the Digital Consumer Protection Commission Act