Feb 08 2012

The conflict in Syria is entering a critical new phase.  Assad's slaughter of people in Syria, including dozens more killed today, is only increasing and growing more ruthless. 

Jan 30 2012

The Obama Administration's decision to delay construction of the Keystone XL pipeline was irresponsible.  Keystone XL will create thousands of jobs in the United States and also help reduce our dependence on oil from the Middle East and Venezuela.

Jan 25 2012

I disagree with President Obama.  Washington's problem is not that there is too little revenue.  Washington's problem is that it spends too much.  Tonight was more about political theater than problem solving.

Jan 19 2012

I am a strong supporter of protecting intellectual property rights, which is vital to the American economy.  Online piracy is a direct threat to the competing principles of copyright protection and web freedom. 

Jan 06 2012

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), John Thune (R-South Dakota), John Barrasso (R-Wyoming), Mike Johanns (R-Nebraska), Kay Hagan (D-North Carolina), Richard Burr (R-North Carolina), and Representative Kay Granger (R-Texas) will travel to Africa from January 5-13.

The delegation will conduct oversight of Department of Defense, Department of State, and USAID activities in Africa. The congressional delegation trip seeks to understand the impact of U.S. sponsored counter-terrorism programs and projects relating to health, economic development, and strengthened trade relationships with African nations.


Jan 05 2012

We have built the finest military in the history of the world, and a strong national defense is the number one priority of the federal government.  I realize our current budget situation demands that everything, including defense, be on the table for some level of spending reductions.

Jan 04 2012

The NLRB has become an out-of-control rogue bureaucracy.  President Obama, by empowering this agency rather than reforming it, is making job creation even more difficult.  I will continue to do everything in my power to put the brakes on the NLRB as currently constructed.