Jul 09 2010

Both Republican and Democratic Administrations have refused to state the obvious - China manipulates its currency to produce an advantage in the marketplace. Their advantage comes at the expense of American workers and other nations.

Jul 07 2010

I believe the DOJ lawsuit will be counter-productive when it comes to finding a solution to our immigration problems. It is clear the people of Arizona believe the federal government has let them down when it comes to securing our border.

Jun 30 2010

As a graduate of the University of South Carolina, I know what a historic achievement this is for the school and state.  Last night’s win in the College World Series was the first men’s national championship in any sport for the university.  The Gamecocks performance in the College World Series, and really throughout the entire Road to Omaha, was the epitome of ‘team.’ 

Jun 29 2010

Senator Lindsey Graham today challenged the comments of Speaker Nancy Pelosi who says in a recent interview that the United States will see “a serious drawdown’ of forces in Afghanistan and that the House may use the power of the purse to ensure a drawdown takes place.

May 27 2010

The biggest mistake the Committee made was trying to convince our men and women in uniform that we care what they think when, by our actions today, we clearly do not. They deserve better.

May 26 2010

I do not support the idea of repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell before our military members and commanders complete their review. This so-called compromise would repeal the legislation first then receive input from the military. This is not the proper way to change any policy, particularly something as controversial as Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

May 21 2010

This is a big win.  I am very pleased with and relieved by this decision from the court of appeals.  It was a well-reasoned, strongly supportive statement of our men and women serving overseas fighting the War on Terror.

May 18 2010

Ms. Kagan is not someone a Republican president would have chosen for a position on the Supreme Court.  However the questions the country and Senate will be required to answer are whether she is qualified for the job, possesses the appropriate temperament, and whether her judicial philosophy is within the mainstream of American jurisprudence.

May 13 2010

My opposition to Professor Liu’s nomination is not a disagreement over judicial philosophy, as I expect this Administration to put forward judges with whom I disagree.  Instead, my opposition to Professor Liu is based on a deep-seated disagreement over the proper role of a judge in our democratic society