Jan 12 2011

Governor Haley is off to a very good start.  Her inaugural address set the right tone, encouraging cooperation where possible and presenting an optimistic view of our state’s future during difficult times.

Dec 22 2010

"I fear the Obama Administration will blink when the Russians object to our future missile defense plans.  To this day, the Russians continue to claim that the Treaty has tied our hands when it comes to deployment of all four stages of strategic missile defense. 

"The Senate debate was supposed to be the time to clear up these points of contention and confusion.  Unfortunately, efforts to do so were defeated.  The Treaty was jammed through the lame duck without adequate review and with limited amendments..."

Dec 18 2010

I am very disappointed such a major policy change was jammed through the lame duck Congress without the ability to offer one single amendment.  This is truly not the way to make such a major change to U.S. military policy.

Dec 15 2010

I cannot support the Omnibus spending bill as it increases the size of government when people want to see government become smaller and more efficient. It is full of unnecessary spending which grows the federal government. It also includes more than $1 billion directed toward implementing Obamacare.

Dec 14 2010

I have long believed it was absolutely imperative all of the tax cuts be extended. Under this agreement no business or family will see their taxes go up at the start of 2011, as it extends the Bush tax cuts to stay in place for another two years.

Dec 09 2010

This decision, where the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort receives the nation’s most advanced fighter, will ensure that MCAS Beaufort will be a viable and integral part of the Marine Corps and our national defense as far as the eye can see.  Christmas came early this year.

Dec 09 2010

“Today’s cynical vote on the DREAM Act, along with a series of other votes, convinces me that the Democratic leadership in the Senate does not get the message from the last election. They care more about politics than policy in a variety of areas, including illegal immigration.”

Dec 08 2010

"In the final days of this legislative session, it appears Majority Leader Harry Reid is searching for a way to expand internet gambling in the United States.  I oppose any federal legislation that would force South Carolina to accept legalized gaming."

Nov 18 2010

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) has been named co-chairman of the 97 member Senate National Guard Caucus.  He replaces retiring Senator Kit Bond (R-Missouri).