Apr 15 2011

I appreciate the effort to try to reduce overall spending for Fiscal Year 2011.  However, when this bill was closely examined it did not live up to the billing of making significant reductions in spending.  In addition, the legislation also failed to provide the authority needed for the Port of Charleston to move forward with plans to deepen the harbor.  I could not say, in good conscience, this was a good budget when it came to spending reductions or job creation.  However, it is now time to move on to the 2012 budget where I hope we’ll make serious efforts to get our nation out of debt and create 21st Century jobs.

Apr 13 2011

Social Security is coming unraveled and it must be preserved.  Our plan saves Social Security and will be significant down-payment on comprehensive entitlement reform.  I’ve been involved in Social Security reform since my election to the Senate in 2002.  I’m quite familiar with the scare tactics and know first-hand the demagoguery that is sure to come our way.  But the American people know the problems facing Social Security are real and must be addressed.  Every year we delay, the solutions get more difficult and the consequences of inaction become more dramatic.  It’s time for action.

Apr 08 2011

“I will refund my salary to the Bureau of the Public Debt within the U.S. Department of Treasury,” said Graham.  “Our brave men and women serving in uniform will not get paid during the shutdown. I believe Members of Congress should think twice about putting their way of life before those who fight to protect it."

Apr 05 2011

“The CLASS Act is a Ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Madoff blush," said Graham. “It's billed as an insurance program for long-term care, but really it's just a huge and very costly government accounting trick. Remember Enron accounting? Well, I believe even Enron executives would be embarrassed by the accounting gimmicks created by the CLASS Act.”

Apr 04 2011

I appreciate the decision by Attorney General Holder to move the trial of KSM and the 9/11 conspirators from federal district court in New York to military commission at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Those responsible for planning and executing the attacks on 9/11 present a danger to our nation, and it is inexcusable that they have not been brought to trial.  I'm hopeful the trial will proceed as soon as possible so justice can finally be rendered.

Mar 31 2011

A balanced budget constitutional amendment provides the best hope of regaining and maintaining fiscal sanity.  In their private and business lives Americans don’t get a pass on their pocketbooks and have to deal with the consequences of overspending.  The government, on the other hand, can ignore those kinds of rules.  It’s past time we get our nation’s fiscal house in order, and passage of this necessary reform will finally rein in Congressional spending.

Mar 23 2011

President Obama and the Democrats in Congress have tried every conceivable idea to sell people on their health care reform.  Too bad for them, but the American people aren’t buying it.   

Mar 16 2011

Graham Presses Obama Administration to Establish Libyan No-Fly Zone

Meghan Hughes (202-224-5972) or Kevin Bishop (864-250-1417)

Then-Senator Obama relished the opportunity to label Iraq as President Bush’s war.  If he does not act decisively in Libya, I believe history will show that the Obama Administration owned the results of the Gaddafi regime from 2011 forward.