Jul 01 2005

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made the following statement on the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Graham said: “I would like to add my name to the long list of Americans who admire Justice O’Connor. The way she conducted herself throughout public life has been an example to us all. In her professional life, she broke glass ceilings in the area of women and the law. Her keen intellect and great legal skills are matched by her kindness and decency. “Justice O’Connor will go down in history as one of the more influential justices to have ever served on the Supreme Court. She will be missed and all Americans should be grateful for her service.” ####

Jun 30 2005

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint today announced the Army Corps of Engineers will receive $2,234,000 to help preserve and protect the Morris Island Lighthouse. The funds will allow the Corps to enter into a contract and begin undertaking efforts to stabilize the structure. Without repair, the lighthouse is destined to fall into the sea. “For over a century, the lighthouse has served as the front door to Charleston Harbor,” said Graham. “The lighthouse has a grand legacy of protecting ships coming in from the Atlantic. Now, it’s time for us to protect this historical landmark and preserve an important piece of our history.” “The Morris Island Lighthouse is a landmark of the Charleston harbor and a vital part of South Carolina’s heritage. The lighthouse should be restored and protected and I’m glad we’re taking steps to do so,” said DeMint. Earlier this year, the state of South Carolina committed an additional $500,000 to stabilization efforts at the lighthouse. This brings the state share to $1 million. The Senators secured the funds in the 2006 Energy and Water Appropriations bill. The legislation passed the Senate Appropriations Committee by a 28-0 vote and should be taken up by the full Senate in the next few weeks. Following Senate passage the measure will be referred to a House-Senate Conference Committee. ####

Jun 30 2005

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made the following statement after meeting with Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan, Treasury Secretary John Snow, and U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York.) Graham said: “Senator Schumer and I strongly believe the vote this spring by 67 Senators refusing to table the Schumer-Graham amendment seeking reform of the Chinese currency was a constructive signal from the Senate. It demonstrated the urgency and seriousness of Congress toward the China currency problem and is helping generate momentum in our efforts to bring about currency reform. “The currency issue is one of the most important problems facing the global economy and directly affects U.S. manufacturing. There’s no doubt the current Chinese policy of pegging the yuan to the dollar creates an unfair discount for their products over American goods. Significant revaluation of the yuan would send a positive signal about the role China seeks to play in the global economy. “After discussions with Secretary Snow and Chairman Greenspan, I’m convinced progress is being made on this issue. In light of this progress, I believe it is appropriate for us to show flexibility in giving this new engagement between China and the United States a chance to mature and develop. Therefore, Senator Schumer and I have agreed to postpone the impending July vote on our legislation. We’re hopeful this will allow Secretary Snow to continue to make progress. “However, if progress on Chinese revaluation stalls, Senator Schumer and I retain the right to call for a Senate vote before the end of the First Session of the 109th Congress. The Senate Republican and Democratic leadership have agreed to this change. “I agree with Chairman Greenspan that a revaluation of the yuan would be beneficial to both countries. I also appreciate Secretary Snow’s hard work on this issue and the involvement of President Bush. I remain hopeful there will be a positive outcome for both the U.S. and China in this endeavor. Much is at stake and I’m hopeful we can get a result that is a win for both nations. “The benefits to the United States and world economy by moving toward a floating Chinese currency cannot be underestimated. While revaluation alone will not substantially change the trade deficit or improve manufacturing competitiveness, it will help create a ripple affect throughout Asia as other nations keep pace in revaluing their currencies. Over time, this combined effect will be tremendously beneficial to American manufacturing as Chinese movement on currency revaluation should be followed by their Asian neighbors. “The more Asian nations come in-line with international monetary policy, the better the likelihood American manufacturing can compete throughout the world.” Note: The First Session of the 109th Congress is scheduled to end October 2005. ####

Jun 29 2005

Graham Secures $8 Million for Hollings Cancer Center

MUSC President Greenberg Pleased with Senate Funding

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today announced the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston will receive $8 million for the construction of a new research facility at the Hollings Cancer Center. “The MUSC Hollings Cancer Center is a leader in cancer research,” said Graham. “The work they do is on the cutting edge of cancer prevention, detection, and treatment. The new research facility will allow the Center to better serve our state and help many of our citizens battling cancer.” Graham secured the funding in the Fiscal Year 2006 Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations bill which has already been approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee. The legislation is scheduled to come before the full Senate in the next few weeks. “We at the Medical University of South Carolina thank Senator Graham for his interest in and support of cancer research,” said Dr. Ray Greenberg, President of the Medical University of South Carolina. “These funds will be dedicated toward the construction of a building that will house research on the causes of cancer, with a special focus on genetic risk factors. Former Senator Hollings helped the Medical University establish a cancer center, and now Senator Graham is continuing to advance the effort to build a center of excellence that will serve all the citizens of the State and play a leadership role nationally.” The new research facility is a key part of MUSC’s goal of being designated a National Cancer Institute by the National Institute of Health. This designation would increase the resources available to the Hollings Cancer Center to conduct research and prevention programs in South Carolina. It would also increase the state’s access to clinical trials for newly developed cancer fighting drugs. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in South Carolina, claiming the lives of nearly 8,000 citizens each year. More than 17,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed in South Carolina annually, and one in two males and one in three females will develop cancer at some time in their lives. ####

Jun 29 2005

Graham Announces $3 Million for Coastal Initiative

Local Officials Pleased with Senate Funding

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today announced the South Carolina Coastal Initiative will receive $3 million in federal funds. Graham secured the funds in the Fiscal Year 2006 Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations bill. “South Carolina’s coastline is one of our most valuable resources,” said Graham. “We need to take steps toward preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the coastal community.” The funds will go towards the acquisition of Palmetto Bluff, a 770-acre tract located on the New River in Beaufort County. The property is a part of the Palmetto Bluff Planned Unit Development (PUD) and consists of approximately 220 acres of prime development land as well as pristine wetlands and old historic rice fields. The South Carolina Coastal Initiative is comprised of projects to preserve the natural, cultural, and historic resources of the South Carolina coast. Funds will be matched by state, local and private contributions. “Preserving Palmetto Bluff is one of our highest priorities,” said Beaufort County Councilman Skeet Von Harten, Chairman of the Land Management Committee. “We are grateful to Senator Graham for his leadership in securing federal funding for this important coastal resource. Notwithstanding the numerous successes that we've had with the Critical Lands Program since the Trust for Public Land came on board, there are still some very critical needs that have to be met in Beaufort County. This federal funding will help us meet those needs.” “With the help of our public partners and the vision of our community leaders in Beaufort County, we're beginning to see some spectacular results on the ground,” said Slade Gleaton, Trust for Public Land’s Project Manger. “We are ecstatic that this important federal funding is a step closer to reality. Thanks to Senator Graham for his leadership efforts which will go a long way toward protecting South Carolina’s natural and historic resources and putting Beaufort County's vision for a rich future within reach.” The legislation has passed the Senate Appropriations Committee and should be taken up by the full Senate in the next few weeks. ####

Jun 28 2005

WASHINGTON – Today, Georgia and South Carolina lawmakers praised the Department of Energy (DOE) for agreeing to provide $4.3 million for the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory in Aiken, SC in fiscal year 2006. The announcement is part of a joint year-long effort to secure funding for the laboratory. Senators Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., Johnny Isaskon, R-Ga., Lindsey Graham, R-SC and Jim DeMint, R-SC, along with Reps. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., Charlie Norwood, R-Ga., and Gresham Barrett, R-SC, launched the effort earlier this year upon learning the White House budget did not include funds for the laboratory. The lawmakers credit U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman for listening to their concerns and working with the Georgia and South Carolina delegation to invest funding in the laboratory’s critical work. “In numerous meetings, phone calls and letters we jointly impressed upon Secretary Bodman the importance of this project to our nation,” said Chambliss. “The Savannah River Ecology Laboratory has been operated by the University of Georgia for over 54 years and has been widely recognized for its research, education and pubic outreach programs. I am thankful Secretary Bodman and his staff worked with us to address the laboratory’s important funding needs.” “I am very pleased Secretary Bodman has been so willing to work with us over the past several months to ensure that the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory and the University of Georgia can continue their critical research at Savannah River Site. Our Georgia and South Carolina delegations made a very strong case as to why SREL deserves to continue to receive funding from the Department of Energy and we appreciate Secretary Bodman’s willingness to take this action,” Isakson said. “The SREL has helped track the effects on the environment from our Cold War missions,” said Graham. “The data they collect provides a public health service and the funding level we achieved in the Senate is an important step toward the lab’s continued operation. I’m pleased we were able to work with our friends from Georgia to secure funding this year.” “I’m glad the Department of Energy worked with us to find a thoughtful solution to address the needs of the lab,” said Senator DeMint. “The Savannah River Ecology Lab’s independent analysis is crucial to understanding the environmental impact of work done at the Savannah River site. This decision will sustain the lab and its important work.” "This is good news," Congressman Kingston said. "Keeping funding flowing for the ecological research being done at the lab is very important. I know Dr. Bertsch is pleased and I am glad Secretary Bodman and the Energy Department worked with us to keep this going." "We have worked hard to impress upon the Department of Energy the importance of SREL's mission to the nation. While I am disappointed that full funding was not restored through the contract year, I am pleased that Secretary Bodman worked with us to provide enough funding for SREL to remain operational," said Barrett. "We remain committed to working together for the future of the lab." "While it remains a disappointment that we were unable to convince DOE to restore full funding, we have still come away with a clear victory for maintaining SREL until new, permanent funding sources can be found," says Norwood. "The work done by SREL is too vital for the nation's environmental research efforts to ever let this facility go dark." Situated on the grounds of Savannah River Site (SRS), the SREL provides an independent evaluation of the ecological effects of DOE's SRS operations through a program of ecological research, education, and outreach which involves basic and applied environmental research, with emphasis upon expanding the understanding of ecological processes and principles, and upon evaluating the impacts of industrial and land use activities on the environment. ###

Jun 28 2005

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today voted in support of the Energy bill which passed through the chamber on an overwhelming 85-12 vote. The legislation has been a top priority for President Bush since he took office in 2001. “Passage of the energy bill through the Senate is a major step forward for the nation in helping make us energy independent,” said Graham. “It contains provisions encouraging additional hydrogen research and the construction of new nuclear energy facilities. It meets the major objectives of producing and conserving more energy, diversifying our energy supply, and employing the latest technology to deliver energy. ” Graham noted the Senate legislation contained over $3.5 billion in funding over the next 5 years for hydrogen research. The language in the Senate bill was largely based upon language authored by Graham and introduced in the Senate earlier this year. “What Detroit was to the automotive industry, South Carolina can be to hydrogen,” said Graham. “We’ve got research initiatives going on across the state and we’re on the ground floor in cutting-edge hydrogen research. The legislation will benefit our state by helping push further in hydrogen research.” “The legislation also strengthens our nuclear energy sector,” said Graham. “Nuclear energy is a clean source of power and one we need to utilize more in the coming years. It truly is a shame that we have not licensed a new nuclear facility in the United States in three decades. “Unfortunately, changes in energy policy will not mean people at the pump will see an immediate decrease in their fuel prices,” said Graham. “Like President Bush has said, ‘I wish I could just wave a wand and lower the price at the pump.’ It’s taken a while for us to get into this situation and it will take a while to begin working our way out. Today’s vote was a big step in the right direction. I look forward to considering the final version of the legislation when it emerges from the House-Senate conference.” #####

Jun 28 2005

WASHINGTON-- U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) made the following statement: "I believe President Bush made a very persuasive and much-needed case the war in Iraq is indeed part of the global War on Terror. I, too, believe the outcome in Iraq directy affects our national security. "President Bush reminded us, in graphic terms, about the nature of our ruthless enemy whose biggest fear is an emerging democracy in the Middle East. He identified the goal of the terrorists as being that of killing an idea called democracy. And he's correct when he notes the terrorists show no mercy for anyone -- man, woman, or child -- that embraces democracy. "We must give the Iraqi people the chance to achieve the capacity to defend their own freedom and create a new political landscape in the Middle East. "The President is absolutely right to argue a successful outcome in Iraq helps ensure our freedom and security for years to come. In addition, I agree with him that we should not establish an artificial time frame for withdrawal of American troops as it would be counter-productice to our efforts." ####

Jun 27 2005

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made the following statement regarding the Supreme Court decisions on the Ten Commandments. Graham said: “I look forward to reviewing the Court’s decision as they came away with very different conclusions about the Kentucky and Texas cases. “Religion plays a fundamental role in our country. The idea that religion does not have a place in our public institutions has not been the history of our nation. The first people who came to America came for religious freedom. Their goal was to make sure you could worship God on your terms and the government would not take sides. “Displaying the Ten Commandments is just part of our history. Our Founding Fathers openly embraced God in their debate when writing the Constitution. Most of our laws are based on Judeo-Christian principles. So a public display of the Ten Commandments, in my opinion, is not the establishment of a religion. “The Ten Commandments are on the Supreme Court building. As the presiding officer of the Senate, right behind us it says ‘In God We Trust.’ ‘Under God’ is part of our pledge. The idea that God should be driven out of the public square is dangerous for the country.” #####

Jun 24 2005

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today announced the City of Aiken will receive a $243,337 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). The CDBG program develops communities and provides housing by expanding economic opportunities for low and moderate income households. The grant was awarded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. ####